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Bicycle Injury Claims

Road Traffic Accident
Cycling is an extremely healthy and rewarding activity, but if cycling on the roads you will also be subject to the elements, surroundings and other motor vehicle drivers. In many regards you are relying on other drivers due consideration as you are very much exposed as a cyclist. An accident suffered by a cyclist on the road can cause serious injury as the bicycle does not provide any protection against collision with another vehicle or the road itself. Startlingly 150 cyclists are killed due to accidents on the road each year in the UK and approximately 2,250 are seriously injured.

If you have suffered an injury sustained from a cycling accident you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation for the pain, the physical, mental and financial suffering you have suffered as a consequence of the injury.

Common causes of injuries to cyclists include the actions of other road users, poor or faulty cycling equipment, or badly maintained or treacherous road conditions. If a cyclist is injured as a consequence of the negligence of another person, then they may be cause for a claim for compensation. For example, it is the responsibility of the local authority to ensure that the public highways are in a safe condition. If an accident has been caused by dangerous road conditions such as a large pothole there could be cause for a claim.

Steps To Follow If You Have Been Involved in a Cycle Accident

If you as a cyclist have been involved in an accident with another vehicle you should ensure that the police attend the scene and you immediately receive medical treatment for any injuries. By getting any injuries looked at straightaway you are acting in your best interests in terms of your own health and as part of a claim for compensation your injuries will be placed on record and your solicitor can attempt to link the injuries caused with the effect of the accident.

Try to record as much detail of the accident scene as possible. If you have a camera or a camera phone, use it to photograph the scene and any damage caused. Ideally it is best to do this as soon as is reasonably possible because if the injury was caused by a road maintenance problem there is always the risk that the road will be repaired quickly to prevent the accident from happening again, but if this was the case you would have no proof. Similarly, try to get the details of the parties involved and any witnesses that may have seen the accident as they can be used to help ascertain blame for the accident.

After having collated all the information, if you are satisfied that the injuries you have sustained as a cyclist involved in a road accident were not caused by yourself and that you can link negligence to another party involved, then you will likely wish to seek the services of a specialist personal injury lawyer. Often personal injury lawyers will work on a no win no fee basis.