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Driver Injury Claims

Road Traffic Accident
If you have been injured while driving a vehicle you could be entitled to make a claim for driver injury compensation. This applies to any type of vehicle provided that you were driving whilst the injury/accident occurred.

In the majority of cases it is necessary for the injury to have been caused through no fault of your own, for example, you were involved in a car accident and you sustained a whiplash injury.

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having been involved in an accident or you have been injured whilst at the wheel of a vehicle, it is important that you try to obtain the details of all the other parties that were involved in the accident and call the police so that they can assess and record the scene of the accident. Details that you should try to obtain include insurance details, vehicle, and contact details of the individuals involved and also the details of any witnesses to the incident if possible.

Many modern mobile phones come equipped with cameras, so you should try to take pictures of scene of the accident, any obstructions, poor road conditions, and also the damage caused as these details can be helpful towards making a case for drivers’ injury compensation.

Finally it is important that you seek medical attention even if you believe that the injury is relatively minor. Not only will you receive medical treatment in the event that the injury is more serious than you thought (or alternatively you will get a clean bill of health), but by being treated by a medical professional immediately after the injury you will go towards proving that the injury was caused by the accident, which again is an important aspect of helping towards making a successful claim for compensation.