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Motorbike Accident Claims

Road Traffic Accident
Startlingly, approximately 18% of all road accidents in the UK involve motorcycles (even though only 1% of traffic on the roads are motorbikes) and recent figures suggests that motorcyclists are 51 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a road accident on a per kilometre travelled basis when compared to car drivers.

Motorcyclists are at a serious disadvantage should there be a road traffic accident because their vehicle will not protect against any impact and there is no option to wear a seatbelt to actual impact can cause very serious damage to the rider. When coupled to the fast acceleration when compared to many cars and the lower visibility of motorcycles than cars, often motorcyclists can unfortunately become involved in serious road accidents. Indeed figures suggest that 60% of motorcycle accidents are caused by collisions with cars.

Motorcycle riders rely on highways being maintained to a high standard as poor road maintenance could cause a serious injury to a rider. It is the responsibility of the local authority to ensure that the public highways are in a safe condition. If, for example, a motorcycle accident has been caused by dangerous road conditions such as large potholes in the road there could be cause for a claim for injury compensation.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

A non-exhaustive list of common types of motorcycle accidents on our roads today include:

Collisions at junctions, roundabouts and crossroads - Cars can often miss seeing motorbikes or cross their path unknowingly.

Motorcycle accidents due to poor weather conditions - If there is poor visibility due to bad weather or poor weather has affected the road surface, the chance of having a motorcycle accident is increased.

Motorcycle accidents involving overtaking manoeuvres - Often this can happen when cars are crossing traffic to turn right.

Poor riding technique - Motorcyclists that attempt sharp bends in the road and subsequently have an accident due to poor technique or simply attempting the corner too quickly account for 15% of all motorcycle accidents on the road.

Bad road conditions or maintenance – Motorcyclists are at the mercy of road surfaces, so if they have not been maintained correctly i.e. there are potholes, the roads have not been correctly signposted or the roads are very slippery, the chances of an accident are increased significantly for motorcycle riders.

Steps To Follow If You Have Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

If a motorcycle has been involved in a road accident it is a legal requirement that the police are informed and that they attend the scene of the crash. If you are the motorcyclist involved in the accident it is important that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you don’t think that your injuries are serious. By getting any injuries treated and documented by the medical staff, you are helping yourself in terms of your own well being and also you will have documented evidence of injures which can be used by your solicitor as part of a claim for injury compensation should you decide to make a claim.

Whilst at the scene, if you have a camera or camera phone try to take some pictures of the relevant accident area because if the accident was caused by bas road maintenance it is worth getting photographic evidence as soon as possible as the road maintenance authorities may seek to repair the road quickly to prevent similar accidents from happening. If they were to do this before you could get photographs of the scene you would no longer have proof of the possible cause of the accident. Also try to get the details and insurance details of the people involved in the accident – this includes witness details if there are any as they may be able to help with apportioning blame for the cause of the accident which will help with your compensation claim.

If you are satisfied that the accident and injuries sustained by yourself was caused through no fault of your own and there is a possible link to another person or parties indicating their negligence, then you may have a case for a personal injury claim for compensation. In this case you will want to seek the services of a specialist personal injury lawyer – many of which will act on your behalf on a no win no fee basis.